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  • 15351225837
    ZSIM National Unified Service Hotline
    Address: No. 277, Qingtai Road, Section 2, Xinhua Avenue, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, China.
    Zip code:611130
    URL: www.sczuanshen.com
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    Customer service

    Customer service >  echnical services

    Echnical services

    ZSIM has established a comprehensive and systematic service network throughout the country. Relying on advanced call center, GPS and other information management systems, and perfect training system, we have achieved the service goal of “customer-centered, implementation of timeout and value-added services”.

    Service brand connotation

    Service slogan:ZSIM service Everywhere。
    Spirit of service:Depending on the customer's time is more precious than gold.
    Service icon explanation:The characters represent the service staff, hand tools, and serve the world.
    Service Mission: Create value for customers.
    Service target:Customer-centric, timeout and value-added services.
    Service request:Simple and comprehensive, proactive and timely.

    ZSIM Call Center

    Unified national service hotline 15351225837
    The ZSIM call center manages and provides a variety of services and applications through a standardized platform. The entire system is highly integrated and works together to create an internationally competitive engineering machinery manufacturing base for ZSIM and become an international engineering machinery manufacturer. Lay a good foundation.
  • Spirit of service

    The spirit of service is "seeing customers' time is more precious than gold"

    It is to ask the service personnel to always consider the user, solve the problem of the equipment in time, and clarify that the user's time is money. Equipped with sufficient after-sales service vehicles, the team has more than 10 service engineers, hotline, computer ERP information management system, the company's development, production, sales and other departments to meet the service needs, so as to ensure the implementation of the spirit of service.

  • Service purposes

    The service aim is to "create value for customers"

    It is clear that the user purchases the ZSIM product and pursues the benefits and value that the product brings to him. This requires service personnel to have comprehensive service capabilities, through our services to guide users to master the use, maintenance, construction, maintenance and other capabilities, thereby providing users with a guarantee of work, generating benefits and value.

  • Service slogan

    The service slogan is "ZSIM service, always everywhere"

    The ZSIM service that users feel is always present and ubiquitous.

  • Service target

    The service goal is “customer-centric, timeout and value-added services”

    Around the customer, ZSIM Mall carries out customer training, technical consultation, customer visits, key engineering special services, etc., so that customers feel not only to buy a product, but to purchase a complete set of services.

  • Service request

    Service requirements are “simple, comprehensive, proactive and timely”

    The eight-character requirement for the service personnel ensures that the customer is contacted actively, and rushed to the scene with the fastest speed and the best way to implement comprehensive, timely and fast service to win time and create benefits for the user. The content of the service requirements is an interpretation of the spirit, purpose, slogan and goals of the service.

  • Tracking service

    The 0-hour delivery service is completed within the day when the equipment arrives at the customer site, and the 250-hour, 500-hour, and 1000-hour tracking service is completed within 2 days after the user requests the service.
  • Special service

    If you purchase the Drilling Equipment on the key projects above the provincial level, you will probably enjoy the special services that Ding Shen has carefully planned for you.
  • Fast repair service

    User service appeals are answered within 1 hour. When on-site service is required, the time from receiving the service information to arriving at the user's site: 2 hours within 100 km, within 4 hours within 200 km, and within 12 hours within 300 km.
    Unless otherwise stated, all products are provided with “12-month unlimited working hour warranty service throughout the year”.
  • Five free services

    ZSIM Mall upgrades the full range of products, provides five free service maintenance and testing services, and fully upgrades the safety of the equipment to protect your business success.
  • Unified service tool

  • Overall spray service vehicle

  • Parts support system

    ZSIM Mall warehousing center reserves a large number of common parts, wearing parts, maintenance parts, etc. for the majority of users, with its perfect after-sales service system, through the various logistics methods to quickly achieve the supply of parts, to provide customers with quality and value-for-money services .
  • Parts support system

  • Overhaul workshop